Carrier ROI

3G & 4G Operators

The single greatest challenge for wireless operators today is keeping pace with the rapidly growing demand for increased wireless broadband data. Per CTIA, recent year-over-year growth exceeded 130%, driven largely by data and video demand. Technology advances such as LTE-Advanced, future 5G data rates, and Internet-of-Things connectivity will continue to fuel exponential growth and strain on existing networks. This capacity strain is of significant concern in the licensed spectrum bands of mobile carriers globally.

To counter the capacity strain on their networks, Mobile operators have invested billions of dollars (USD) into spectrum licenses, RAN equipment, network optimizations and advanced technologies to ensure maximum spectral efficiencies. Despite these massive investments, mobile operators today lack visibility to the amount and effect of external and unintended internal RF interference within their networks.  More specifically, operators lack information about the External RF Interference that originates from outside of their deployed networks, of which sources could include networks in bordering geographies, emissions from industrial equipment, unauthorized devices, and unauthorized nodes. Just as impactful, operators lack information about Unintended Internal RF Interference, which originates from within their deployed networks but is not expected and is unaccounted for during normal network optimization.   Sources of unintended internal interference could include faulty equipment at a tower site (e.g. causing PIM), rogue UEs, and distant cells within the operator network via tropospheric ducting.  

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Costs of Unmitigated Interference

The costs to carriers of unmitigated external and unintended internal RF interference can be dramatic. Although the types of interference experienced by a carrier will vary significantly based on the local environment, network, and external factors, costs of managing external and unintended internal RF interference generally fall into the following categories:

Carrier Costs Associated with External and Unintended Internal RF Interference

Spectrum Effect has performed studies on typical networks’ experience of external and unexpected internal RF interference. When modeling this interference across a typical large network, carrier mitigation costs, without a tool such as Spectrum-NET, are estimated in the hundreds of millions of USD per annum.

Spectrum Effect can work with you to both model interference costs across your network as well as perform a network trial. The trial will help more accurately quantify interference across your network while helping your team mitigate detected interference events.

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Operational Benefits of Spectrum-Net For 3G & 4G Operators

With Spectrum-NET, carriers have capabilities to detect and mitigate the external and unexpected internal interference that causes significant costs from lost capacity, service degradation, and operational troubleshooting.


Improved ROI & Quality with Spectrum-NET


Increased Network Capacities

Reduced OPEX

Effective Network Scaling

Enhanced Quality-of-Service

Contact us to learn how Spectrum-NET can help you manage external and unintended internal RF interference, optimize spectrum resources and improve service quality.  

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About Spectrum Effect
Spectrum Effect’s revolutionary solution, Spectrum-NET, helps operators make the most of their valuable spectrum assets by rapidly identifying, locating and mitigating sources of RF interference and optimizing networks for future sharing opportunities.

Spectrum Effect has developed the key technology building blocks needed to rapidly maximize and monetize limited spectrum resources on today’s networks.
Spectrum Effect Product Solutions, Identify & Mitigate External Interference
As data demand steadily escalates, Spectrum-NET provides operators with the deep network visibility needed to protect their sizable investment in licensed spectrum and ensure ongoing service quality.
Spectrum Effect’s breakthrough, Spectrum-NET, addresses this dilemma by enabling mobile operators of shared spectrum networks to rapidly identify, characterize, and locate sources of external interference during normal network operation with no downtime.
Spectrum Effect’s Spectrum-NET solution has the advanced technology needed to provide a clear picture of complex, overcrowded 5G networks.
Spectrum Analytics at Mobile World Congress
As spectrum sharing solutions such as LTE-U, CBRS, and LSA are deployed, the external interference will dramatically increase by design making Spectrum-NET’s external interference management capabilities an even more critical asset for operators.