Spectrum Effect Extends Its Global Reach as Spectrum-NET General Availability Approaches

Spectrum Effect Builds Capacity to Meet Demand Following Commercial Launch of Spectrum-NET

February 21, 2019 - SEATTLE-- Spectrum Effect, a pioneer in RF spectrum analytics, announced today the establishment of partnerships with four highly-respected mobile VAS providers to expand its reach and provide local support and services as operators begin to deploy Spectrum-NET.

Spectrum Effect’s new partners include CIS Group in Latin America, Wireless Services Asia (WSA) in the Philippines and Ant Group in Vietnam.

"With increasing operator demand and the transition from trials to commercial deployments for our Spectrum-NET solution, these partnerships extend our presence and provide the necessary local touch for our solution delivery and support,” stated Charles Immendorf, CEO of Spectrum Effect. “We welcome CIS Group, WSA and Ant Group to the Spectrum Effect team.”

“Spectrum-NET’s novel and impactful interference mitigation capabilities have been met with enthusiasm by mobile operators within the LATAM region,” commented Rodrigo Fernandez Quintana, Commercial Director at CIS Group Latin America. “Spectrum-NET has been able to achieve impressive results within operator networks.”

“Spectrum-NET is an elegant solution for operators in Vietnam to solve their challenging interference problems with PIM, grey market devices, bi-directional amplifiers and RF ID scanners,” remarked Nguyen Tuan Dat, Deputy CEO of ANT Group.

“Spectrum-NET will be a tremendous aid to operators within the Philippines to rapidly address interference, improve network KPIs and improve subscriber quality of experience,” mentioned Benjie Bustos, CEO of Wireless Services Asia, Inc.

Spectrum Effect is continuing to roll out its partner program with premier engineering services firms in other regions to deliver best-in-class support and services for its industry-leading solution as demand continues to grow.

About Spectrum Effect

Spectrum Effect was founded by the wireless industry veterans behind Eden Rock Communications (SON leader acquired by a tier-1 OEM) with technologies incubated in advanced research projects with the United States Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research. Spectrum Effect has pioneered a completely new and novel approach for mobile operators to mitigate harmful anomalous interference through innovative machine learning based analytics of mobile network data. Our revolutionary solution, Spectrum-NET, automatically detects, characterizes, classifies, aggregates, locates, predicts and measures the impact of anomalous interference from external, PIM, RAN generated and tropospheric ducting sources. Protected by numerous patents, Spectrum-NET operates seamlessly across multi-vendor UMTS, LTE and (future) 5G NR networks on a continual basis without any need for external probes. With Spectrum-NET, operators across the globe are now rapidly addressing anomalous interference events, improving network KPIs, deploying their field assets with surgical precision and enhancing their customers’ quality of experience. 



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ANT Group
ANT GROUP specializes in delivering end to end network services and solutions to leading network operators and enterprise organizations, enabling them to deploy, optimize and monetize their networks more rapidly and efficiently. ANT GROUP was founded in 2006 and began delivering the network infrastructure rollout and optimization service to our mobile operator customers. Since 2012, we started providing solutions such as data analytics and BI, Geo-location, customer experience management, digital advertisement, enterprise IT (ESB, ECM, BPM, IDM, CRM) to customers. For more than a decade, ANT GROUP has been the leading integrated solution company in Viet Nam. With skillful and experienced engineering team, our mission is make customers always satisfied with our services and products.

Wireless Services Asia
Wireless Services Asia (WSA) was incorporated in 1999 as a mobile VAS provider. In 2008, the company was transformed into a carrier grade services company and one of the leading resellers of integrated technology and business solutions in the telecommunications industry in the Philippines. In the beginning of 2017, WSA started to expand to new verticals. WSA partners with world-class technology companies in providing network and application solutions to Communications Service providers’ vertical markets.

With more than 20 years of experience, CIS GROUP® has established itself in the market as a leading company in the provision of innovative telecommunications engineering solutions. With over 100 collaborators in our staff, we have the technological capabilities and world class infrastructure needed to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and demanding market. As a result of our professionalism and high quality work throughout the years, we have earned the confidence of the main landline and mobile telephone operators in Latin America, positioning ourselves at the leading edge of the Telecommunications sector in the region.

Rodrigo Fernández Quintana



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About Spectrum Effect
Spectrum Effect’s revolutionary solution, Spectrum-NET, helps operators make the most of their valuable spectrum assets by rapidly identifying, locating and mitigating sources of RF interference and optimizing networks for future sharing opportunities.

Spectrum Effect has developed the key technology building blocks needed to rapidly maximize and monetize limited spectrum resources on today’s networks.
Spectrum Effect Product Solutions, Identify & Mitigate External Interference
As data demand steadily escalates, Spectrum-NET provides operators with the deep network visibility needed to protect their sizable investment in licensed spectrum and ensure ongoing service quality.
Spectrum Effect’s breakthrough, Spectrum-NET, addresses this dilemma by enabling mobile operators of shared spectrum networks to rapidly identify, characterize, and locate sources of external interference during normal network operation with no downtime.
Spectrum Effect’s Spectrum-NET solution has the advanced technology needed to provide a clear picture of complex, overcrowded 5G networks.
Spectrum Analytics at Mobile World Congress
As spectrum sharing solutions such as LTE-U, CBRS, and LSA are deployed, the external interference will dramatically increase by design making Spectrum-NET’s external interference management capabilities an even more critical asset for operators.