RF Interference Mitigation Through Machine Learning Analytics

The Spectrum-NET Solution

Revolutionary Spectrum Analytics

Spectrum Effect’s revolutionary solution, Spectrum-NET™, provides innovative RF interference mitigation capabilities for operators to maximize the use of valuable mobile spectrum. Protected by numerous issued and pending patent applications, Spectrum-NET enables mobile operators to rapidly identify, characterize, classify, aggregate, localize and assess the impact of sources of external and unintended internal RF interference.

Automatic RF Interference Analysis

Spectrum-NET automatically performs anomaly detection, feature extraction, aggregation, localization and impact assessment for interference events. Spectrum-NET operates seamlessly across multi-vendor LTE and UMTS networks on a continual basis without service interruption or dependency on external probes.

Machine Learning Framework

Spectrum-NET incorporates both traditional and deep machine learning (ML) capabilities to detect and classify interference within operator networks. Spectrum-NET incorporates unsupervised ML to identify anomalous behavior that can indicate the presence of interference, supervised ML with labeled interference examples to adapt feature classification rules and deep learning neural networks for further interference classification.

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Interference Localization and Heat Maps

Spectrum-NET’s novel techniques determine the RF interference levels seen at each cell impacted by an off-site interferer. Spectrum-NET applies the cell interference measurements to generate heat maps that shows likelihood of interference source being located at a given pixel on the map with 50m (1.5 arcsec) resolution per pixel.

Interference Event Reporting

Spectrum-NET’s powerful reporting framework and intuitive UI provide users with a big picture view of the interference within their network and easy access to the details of the interference. Spectrum-NET illustrates the effect of the RF interference event on operator KPI’s (e.g., data throughput, dropped call, handover rate) and recommends mitigation actions for the operator to take in response to the interference events.

Cost Effective SaaS Model

Spectrum-NET is a web-based, cloud-ready, highly scalable solution with extensive mapping, visualization, and report generation capabilities. Built on a container-based microservices architecture, Spectrum-NET scales to millions of cells per instance. Spectrum Effect offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for operators where Spectrum Effect provides full turkey support including regular software upgrades, acceptance testing and comprehensive reporting

Future Proof Roadmap

The Spectrum-NET roadmap supports the mobile network evolution to network densification, 5G NR and shared spectrum environments. The Spectrum-NET roadmap includes additional high-value RF mitigation capabilities, cross operator support, evolution to ONAP compliance, integration with drones with RF probes and an open ML framework.

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About Spectrum Effect
Spectrum Effect’s revolutionary solution, Spectrum-NET, helps operators make the most of their valuable spectrum assets by rapidly identifying, locating and mitigating sources of RF interference and optimizing networks for future sharing opportunities.

Spectrum Effect has developed the key technology building blocks needed to rapidly maximize and monetize limited spectrum resources on today’s networks.
Spectrum Effect Product Solutions, Identify & Mitigate External Interference
As data demand steadily escalates, Spectrum-NET provides operators with the deep network visibility needed to protect their sizable investment in licensed spectrum and ensure ongoing service quality.
Spectrum Effect’s breakthrough, Spectrum-NET, addresses this dilemma by enabling mobile operators of shared spectrum networks to rapidly identify, characterize, and locate sources of external interference during normal network operation with no downtime.
Spectrum Effect’s Spectrum-NET solution has the advanced technology needed to provide a clear picture of complex, overcrowded 5G networks.
Spectrum Analytics at Mobile World Congress
As spectrum sharing solutions such as LTE-U, CBRS, and LSA are deployed, the external interference will dramatically increase by design making Spectrum-NET’s external interference management capabilities an even more critical asset for operators.